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All-Seasons Full System Warranty

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Limited Warranty and Limitation of Liability

1. Limited Warranty
When sold directly by All-Seasons Entry & Patio Doors or through an authorized retailer, All-Seasons Entry & Patio Doors (“All-Seasons”) door products (“Product”) are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and workmanship that might unreasonably affect its performance. This Limited Warranty initiates on the original date of purchase from All-Seasons or an authorized retailer and continues for the stated duration, so long as the original purchaser continues to own and reside in the property in which the Product was installed. This Limited Warranty is non-transferable.

Product Type Description Residential Commercial
Fiberglass Door System Smooth and Textured Limited Lifetime 1 Year
Glass Commodity, RLT Blinds or Decorative 10 Years 1 Year
Locking System Multi-Point Hardware Only 10 Years 1 Year

This Limited Warranty excludes any Product defects or failures caused by the following:

  • Fire, corrosive fumes, stains, contact with chemically abrasive substances, acts of God, and/or any events or actions not controlled by All-
  • Seasons
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Damage caused by high winds, floods, fire and/or other conditions that exceed All-Seasons product design and testing specifications
  • Damage caused by localized application of heat, movement of building or building components, and/or expansion or contraction of building or
  • building components
  • Damage caused by freight carriers, common carriers, private transportation, or any other means of transportation or handling that occur after
  • the product leaves All-Seasons facility
  • Components not supplied by parties other than All-Seasons or its agents
  • Damage or changes to the door by installation or repair
  • Products painted and/or stained with dark colors or with storm doors

2. Claims
No claim under this Limited Warranty is valid unless:

  1. It is received in writing by All-Seasons within ten (10) days of the date the alleged defect was discovered
  2. All-Seasons is given an opportunity to sufficiently inspect the allegedly defective Product
  3. At All-Seasons request, you provide representative samples of the allegedly defective Product to All-Seasons in accordance with All-Seasons instructions. To file a warranty claim, you should first contact the builder or dealer where you purchased the Product

3. Limitation of Liability
Your sole and exclusive remedy for All-Seasons breach of this Limited Warranty, and All-Seasons sole and exclusive liability to you for any breach of this Limited Warranty, shall be, at All-Seasons sole discretion: (1) repair of the Product; (2) replacement of the same type, size and quantity of the Product; or (3) a credit or refund of the purchase price of the Product. If All-Seasons elects to provide a replacement, the Limited Warranty for the replacement will continue for the balance of the original warranty period for the original Product. If the original purchaser fails to provide satisfactory proof of the date of the purchase, the Limited Warranty shall be deemed to commence on the manufacture date. Your (the original purchaser’s) total remedy and All-Seasons maximum liability shall not exceed the purchase price. In no event shall All-Seasons be liable for any for any labor costs, lost profits, loss of goodwill, loss of business opportunities, damage to reputation, special damages, indirect damages, punitive damages, exemplary damages, incidental damages, or consequential damages, including without limitation any costs incurred relating to the removal or reinstallation of allegedly defective Product.

4. Finish Defense Paint and Stain Finish
Finish Defense is an All-Seasons factory applied Paint or Stain finish. The Finish Defense paint or stain finish is factory applied to the door slab, sidelite, transom, door frame, brick mould, mull posts, t-astragal, dentil shelves and simulated divided lites, The Finish Defense Paint and Stain warranty will cover for a 10 year period fading, peeling, flaking, blistering, and checking.

What is not covered by the Finish Defense 10 Year Warranty

  • Any painting, staining or other alteration of the Finish Defense feature other than All-Seasons.
  • Maintenance inconsistent with the Care and Maintenance recommendations of All-Seasons Entry & Patio Doors found on our website at www.allseason.dykedoors.com.
  • Minor scratches or minor visual imperfections outside the All-Seasons standard manufacturing and quality specifications.
  • Harsh natural environmental conditions set forth by All-Seasons.
  • Fading, discoloration or color change of the Finish that equals or is less than 5 Delta E units as calculated in accordance with industry standard ASTME E 308E 805-81 and ASTM D 2244-85. This is effective on the date of product manufactured. Color change will be measured on an exposed color surface of the door slab that has been properly maintained as per the recommendation as noted above.

5. Labor
Labor charges for removing, installing, replacing or re-finishing any All-Seasons Entry and Patio Door, or any other materials, is not covered under this warranty

Limited Warranty Information Subject To Change Without Notice 10-2020


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